Imuka Ventures


For entrepreneurs with an interesting idea that just needs to get off the ground! You can expect 3 months of dedicated engagement from the Imuka Ventures team to help you meet the targets we set together.

Price: 200,000 UGX on commitment + 100,000 UGX at program finish.


For entrepreneurs with an active business but who are struggling to meet their earning potential. We will support you to overcome your challenges and build a successful business in 6-8 months.

Price: 200,000 UGX on commitment + 200,000 UGX every 2 months after.


For entrepreneurs with a strong business model and vision who are ready to scale to meet new markets. This is a 2-year commitment between Imuka Ventures and the entrepreneur, with the aim of getting you Investment-Ready within the first 6 months.

Price: 380,000 UGX on commitment + 1,520,000 UGX at 6 months + 2% of investments raised through the program.