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ImukaAccess Investors

Investors cover a wide range of individuals from within the community to anywhere in the world.

 Imuka is committed to widening the bracket of who invests in Ugandan Small and Growing Businesses. We want to include not only traditional investors, but also local community members, Ugandan Entrepreneurs with disposable income, and the African diaspora with a desire to contribute to projects from their home countries.

The ImukaAccess App reduces costs to Investors by identifying and providing access to investment opportunities that would otherwise prove inaccessible. Investors benefit from Imuka’s robust vetting system that identifies Entrepreneurs who are resilient and open to adapting based on sound Expert feedback. Imuka’s program significantly lowers the risk to investors by focusing our time to work closely with Entrepreneurs throughout the Accelerator program. Our Entrepreneurs become strategically and structurally prepared to receive financial investment.

ImukaAccess also creates an avenue for investors to directly participate in small business development. Investors can directly interact through the ImukaAccess App with Experts and Entrepreneurs to provide feedback and point out gaps that hinder their investments. Imuka Ventures benefits because these interactions then inform how Entrepreneurs are supported going forward.

In the pilot stage of development, any and all investor feedback is greatly appreciated!

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